Got a little catchin up to do....

October seemed to fly by without my permission. So many days just began and ended without even a blink..ok, I am exaggerating a little bit but not much...

We started out the month lovin on my new baby sister Miss Camri Abigail Whitaker. She is a doll and such a perfect little angel. We are so blessed to finally have her in our family. I still can't even believe she's here sometimes, but it feels good to have all of my direct siblings here with me. :) If you ask James, I was a little obsessive about her the first couple weeks, and then it was just obsessive the next couple weeks and now I have a calmed down to almost normal (I think...). Many people are askin if I am getting baby hungry and I am just puttin out there now: I want to be a mother really bad but I know that now is not the time for that. Right now I am livin and lovin every moment I get to spend with my sweet husband.

Speaking of that dear man. The weekend after we got home from Utah, he decides to take my dad up on the offer to go to San Diego for a BYU game. He would leave Thursday night after class and drive to Yuma. Friday they would get up early to drive the rest of the way to San Diego and go to Lego Land. Friday night would be the time to play at the beach. Saturday, get up, get all BYU Blued out and go to the game. After the game, drive all the way home. Quick trip and ALL BOYS. That's right, I stayed home. **My frist night alone since being married ** sniff, sniff...
But I was really glad that James got to go. It was all the boys: Dad, Braden , Candler, Mason, Bennett, and James. Alot of the cousins went too and Grandpa. It was a good break for all of them and they all had a blast.

I did get to spend some time with Becky, my mom, Kait, and Camri. Oh and I dyed my hair all brown. Well medium copper to be exact- but it looked really brown and dark. I was kind of scared what James would say...
It's lightened up, so he was ok with it :) It's been a fun change.

The next week was crazy with mid terms and work and cleaning the office every night and mutual to go to...the list can seriously go on lol.

But we made it through and ended it with a way good trip to the temple and then out to eat with my aunt Cari and our friend Brett. We got home pretty late but we had an awesome time at the temple and being with good friends.
Saturday was another road trip and party.

First was my mom's baby shower. She got tons of way cute clothes and things for Camri. It was good to see family and friends and kind of relax from a long week. Then later we got to go our friends wedding reception in Douglas. We had a great time and it was so good to see Johnny and Kisa so happy. :)

The last week of October was a rush of a ton of things going on. The semester is fast ending so teachers are piling everything on that they can. James and I are doing all we can to stay caught up and alert in class...Dang, real life is hard! But again we ended the week way fun. Since it was Halloween there were a lot of festive things going on.
Friday night we went to the institute dance with our friends Loni and JB. They had this way cool "Vortex of Doom" thing there that was extremely trippy to go through. We didn't stay at the dance for too long though. After, we went to Loni and JB's house and watched a movie. Although I think it only ended up being James and JB who watched, Loni and I kinda fell asleep after a little while...

Saturday was a very special day. Mason, my brother was baptized. James and I both have brothers who turned 8 this year and both were in October. But David, James' little brother isn't going to be baptized til Christmas time when James and I can be there.

Anyway- Mason's special day was on Halloween. What a cool day to get baptized! And he'll never forget the date, well I hope not at least lol.
Family and friends came and Mason was even a great missionary and invited two of his awesome friends from school to be there. Way to go Mas!
It was so fun to remember my baptism and how great that experience was and to watch Mason have that wonderful day of his own. How blessed we are to be apart of the true church and have these amazing experiences with the ones we love.
After the baptism was a luncheon with some very yummy food and some fantastic pumpkin bread that I made :) Jk, well kind of hehe.

For Halloween night James and I went to Loni and JB's house again to have dinner with a few other couple friends. We had dinner in a pumpkin which was so so good and ghost potatoes and pumpkin squash. It was way good and we had a lot of fun. After dinner we played a funny egg game and then Catch Phrase. It was a pretty intense game! After a while it's hard to come up with creative ways to describe things lol.
(Sadly I don't have any pictures from that night. But it was really fun :) )

Finally, it's November. I can't believe how fast this year has gone and how many things have happened. We are excited for the holidays and the family that we are going to get to see and the friends we will see on their special days :)

That's all for now :) ~Enjoy