Happy February

So a long time ago I had this theory that I hated Valentine’s Day. Like seriously, I loathed the holiday and I was determined the no one was ever going to change my mind because the hate ran that deeply in my soul.
Well I am here to say that my heart has been softened a little bit by my best friend James. See the thing is, I kind of feel in love with this best friend and now I feel happy to have whole day where I can tell him and show him and do funny totally girlie things to show him that I have a corny side too and I really don’t mind showing it off to others if it is telling them that he has a wife that just can’t get enough of him.
In conclusion- this post is to declare happy loving! If you have a man show him that you care and totally go crazy with valentine’s day. be corny, be cuddly, be cute, by a new outfit, get a few more candles, buy some yummy lotion, put on some lipstick and make the day all about him.
I personally have this book that I like to add to that is filled with coupons and letters to him (that I will never let my mom read, type of letters-sorry mom nothing against you) and places for pictures. The purpose of this book is for not only James to let him know how much I love him. But for my future generations. I don’t ever want anyone to ever question how much I love James and how much he means to me. I want our memories to be written down and shared.
So friends, happy loving! If you have a fun idea for valentine’s that is appropriate to share Winking smile leave a note, I would love to hear!

Time Flew

So last thing I wrote about was before Christmas and sadly I have not blogged since. 
James and I had a great holiday season and we feel so blessed for having such wonderful families that make the holidays so much fun! 
We spend Christmas day here in Tucson with my family. This was really quite a unique experience for James, especially since my family has such a specific way of doing things when it comes to Christmas. A few days following Christmas we took the fun drive up to Colorado to spend New Year's with James' family. We were both pretty under the weather the whole ride up and let's just say it was just short of a miracle that we made it there in one piece. Thank goodness for Mama and Papa Mertz and their cure all vitamins that had us better in no time. I will say, I am sorry to them for showing up at their home smelling like a car ride and looking like a train wreck and for having a tissue box as my companion for most of our time there. 
Here are some pictures of our Christmas season.
It is a very sad thing that I did not take more pictures….I will have to get some copies from my mom’s camera and I think James’ mom took some too so I will need some from her.
*Goal for 2011: take MUCH MORE pictures!*
And then all of a sudden it was the new year and it was time to come home from Colorado and go back to work. Getting back to work set my new year goals and all of that back a little bit sadly. And then it was time to go back to school for both James and myself. So then I was set back even more, and laundry piled even higher. 
Finally it is February and I feel like I can really start the new year. I have organized my home, planned out my school year, started my last semester at Pima Community College, and I am happy! I am not depressed, I am not sad, I am more patient, I can go a full week without getting discouraged, I am so ready for 2011. 
Within the next couple weeks I will be posting more about Christmas- I have some funny stories to share. Things like:
^The New Bu
^New Diggs
^$250 spare
Also, I will be updating my Personal Progress page because there are TONS of fun things that I have planned for that this year. And my recipe page because *Goal: Cook more for James- more specifically: *Cook two new meals a week*Cook two freezer meals every other weekend*
And there you have it. A quick blog update about how fast time flies. I look forward to sharing more because lemme tell ya, I have missed sharing my thoughts and writing things down: *Goal: Blog every week*Goal: Journal every Sunday*
With love