Expressions of love!

One thing that I think grandma and grandpa have shown me the importance of love. Love has had such a great impact on my life and not just to stay close to the ones you love but to show as much love as possible.
This is what gave me the idea for this hug: http://lds.org/pages/expressions?lang=eng
So grandma and grandpa- I LOVE you and I am so grateful for the love that you have shown me.
Love always – Jenessa and James

Hello Glendale

We are officially all moved into our new apartment in Glendale. We have been to our new ward, driven around a little bit, felt the heat of Phoenix (got a nasty sunburn), and I think we have concluded that we like it here! I don't think we really doubted that we would enjoy ourselves but our current feelings are that we wouldn't mind if we lived here. --especially living in a nice, big apartment that are currently living in.

James really likes his internship. I really like being at home with no job. I am still in school- I currently have 3 classes and I will start a fourth one here in a couple weeks. But I am also getting caught up on the things that have been on my to do list for the past 3 years:

**T-shirt quilt
**Wedding Scrap book
**Working out like hard core!


So far so good. I have like a million shirts! And this is probably going to take me a little while to actually finish but I am really excited for the end result. I have a good start going, I haven't started actually sewing yet and I am pretty sure that's going to the be the hardest part for me....so we'll see how that goes. 


I haven't actually been a huge scrapbooker in the past, all I have really ever done is James' Love Day book (a book that I update every year for Valentine's day with pictures and letters saying how much and why I have fallen more in love with him each year....I think it's pretty cute :) ) 
So since this is new for me, I am going to do my best to actually finish it. I have a good start- I have our engagements page done and a I have a page all about my dress cuz, I really liked my dress. I will probably have to do that with my cake too cuz I liked my cake almost more than my dress! 


I really enjoy keeping a journal and I want this blog to be something that my kids can go back and read through and really get a good picture about how our life is and the things that we enjoy/don't enjoy and the stuff we do. Anyway, the goal is to take more pictures and keep a better update on things. 

Work Out Hard Core

I started P90X! Holy Hard!!!! It was intense but I finished and then I threw up. Literally. It was gross. But it also felt good to work so hard. And now my legs are mad a me but I am still happy! And it's a feeling that I want to keep up-- legs not throw up.

So that's my summer to do list and I fully intend to keep going and keep you updated :)

Until next time <3