Meet the new addition!

So i would like to introduce everyone to the new addition to our family :)

ignore me...look at cute kitty :)
everyone-- this is lucy :) my new pretty kitty! she is a very playful kitty and just ask james- she loves playing at 2 am (hehe...i love that i am a deep sleeper). she was given to us by my aunt and uncle mike and anna to watch while they are staying in a different house for a little while. so i went out and bought a cute pink collar and a tag that says her name all pretty like and a fun carrier case. she goes with me where ever i can take her and i love her :) hopefully we'll be able to keep her for a while!

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just for kicks :) here's camri at the pool


my yummy birthday restaurant :)

so i am finally 20!
no longer a teenager...and james did awesome at making this weekend a wonderful birthday weekend. i felt like i had a birth-3-days instead of just a birthday.
friday night he took me a beautiful restaurant called Luna Bella then we went to cold stone for some yummy ice cream (cake batter ice cream with crunch bar and crunched inside to make it really crunchy)
then on saturday james invited over some awesome friends and surprised me with a fun party!
sunday we had a bbq with some really good friends and got to catch up on being young and having fun.
Monday was the big day and pretty much i worked all day and then went to see the awesome movie inception at night.

the very good and cute cake that the office shared with me at work on monday :) thanks ladies!
so stinkin delicious! and so pretty too!
I had a wonderful birthday and i love that i got to spend so much time with my baby james :)
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Under Construction....

Ok so...it's a work in progress and i am still learning, but this is all i can do in one day...if you have any feedback please feel free to share! one day i will get this blogging thing right! :)

and just for my sheer enjoyment i would like to share a few pictures with you that i love:

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Long time no see....

it has been a super long time since i have posted anything....last night the young women had a personal progress party and my friend loni showed a mormon messages clip that inspired me to post again- and to make it habit...kind of like journal writing. so when i woke up this morning with a terrible stomach ache and the wonderful feeling of well...ya....i decided that i would re-vamp my blog and make it something i enjoyed doing. i decided that blogging needs to be something that is part of my journaling, something that will be kept for future generations to read about.
i feel that once i have kids, my blog will become more interesting but for now, i have other joys in life that i would like to share and things that i feel blessed about.

This summer has been one of the best. even though i had summer school, james and i have been able to do some pretty fun things.

to begin with, james' sister Becky was married on July 4, 2010 to Tyler :) it was fun to help with the planning and hectic chaos of making a wedding happen but it was even more fun to in the same room that james and i were married in and here the amazing words of the sealer saying that they (and remembering that we) can being together forever.
james' family stayed with us for almost a month during the wedding time. thankfully james and were house sitting for a good two weeks of that time so the family kind of had our place to themselves and we could have our together time. we miss being close to james' family and we are grateful for any opportunity we have to be with them.

I started working full time as soon as school ended and it looks like that's what i am going to be doing for a while. i like working at my dad's office- it's fun to interact with different people and hear what different things people have to say about things.
a couple weeks ago my dad and i were sitting on the beach watching my brothers and james play in the ocean and my dad kept making comments on people who would walk by and different clips of the conversation we would hear or the expressions on their face that we would see but had no story as to why it was there. it was pretty fun to imagine why they were saying the things they said or why they looked they way they looked. it also made me realize that 1- my dad really enjoys people watching, and 2- each one of us truly is a little bit different than the next person. we all came from the same place and from the same eternal parents but we are here because of a certain purpose.
one of my young women gave a talk couple weeks ago and she said something that i thought was pretty profound. she said: "there is something that we are each here to do that no one else can do." talk about such a divine role!

continuing on...
james and i been married for one year!!!! i can hardly believe how fast it has flown by and how wonderful it has been. we have definitely had our learning moments but i think that is pretty normal for the first year together.... :)
for our anniversary we went to disneyland with my family and had an awesome time! there is a new show at california adventure that i HIGHLY recommend and i think i want a copy of it so that i can project it on my wall at night while i fall asleep. --ok maybe that's a little bit too extreme but it is pretty incredible! the show is called World of Color, and if you have the chance to experience it, please do! ( oh and coming soon to california adventure? RADIATOR SPRINGS!!!!- for not so fluent Cars freaks, that's from Disney and Pixar Cars :) my "secret" obsession)

we also spend some time at the beach and just driving along the coast. it was a much needed vacation and we had a lot of fun!
i have been to disney several times in my life and it has yet to lose its magic for me- but each time, it's a little bit different. :)

coming up in our wonderful summer- we are working a lot so weekends are pretty welcomed around here. we will probably do a lot more swimming, maybe a few bbqs, hopefully a birthday party (please james?!), going to merinci (sp?) to visit some dear friends and their precious new one and at the end of the summer we are going to colorado for becky and tyler's open house (yay for weather that is not killing hot!).

that pretty much wraps it up in the " this is what we've done department" and in the "what's next aisle".

i feel so blessed to be the person that i am today- i enjoy so many things in life that sometimes, actually a lot of times, it becomes kind of overwhelming. last night at our personal progress party we learning about faith, divine nature, individual worth, knowledge, and choice and accountability. even though i am old and i have graduated from the actual program, i learn something new every single time i sit down to either prepare something for the girls or teach a lesson. this program is not only for the girls from 12 to 18, it is for every woman that lives in the beautiful world. it is a gift to us from our heavenly father.

with that: things that i am joyful about
* my dear husband
* my family -both near and far
* a fun summer!
* being done with school ;)

until next time!