Up to date...

So I have decided that it would be a good idea to start a blog to keep those who want to know, informed about wedding plans and details. If I can keep it up to date, I will posting maps and addresses, times and places, who's and whats and anything else that is important.
I can't believe how fast time is flying!
May is already here and we will be getting married like next month!

So here is what I know so far.
The official date of the wedding is June 26,2009. The sealing will be in the morning at the Mesa Temple and the reception will be later that night at the Rancho Vistoso Building in Tucson. There will be maps and addresses posted later.
The next week- July 3- we will have an o
pen house in Colorado for James' family, there will also be addresses posted for that one too.
Honeymoon details-for those that want to know, I am in that same category too. It is going to be a surprise from James' Mom and Dad. We are so grateful to them for helping us out with that! And we are very excited to see what they have planned. :)
Also, special thanks to everyone else in the family and all of our wonderful friends who have helped with planning and doing different things to help us get ready for this wonderful day. Thank you for all of the hard work you already have done and the things that you will all have to do! We really appreciate everything that everyone has been doing. Your help has really made our lives easier.

Invitations will be coming out soon- we are def. excited about that one. These wonderful little pictures have been the main focus for like way longer than I would have liked them to be, but I am excited to finally get them out and finished.

Other things going on in our life-
James is starting a new lab job at the U of A that he is very excited for. He will be helping do research with of friend of ours- they are both going to school for medical engineering. The work that they will be doing sounds very interesting however, I do not, in any way, know how to explain what it is that they will be doing. :)
I am just finishing my first semester at Pima Community College. Finals are this coming week, I am actually not too nervous about them, just more excited to be done with the semester. I am looking for a job for this summer-I have had one somewhat promising interview so we will see what happens..
James has moved into the apartment that we will be living in. It is a cute little one bedroom with no washer and dryer and I love it. Ask me if I like when I have a full load of laundry to do, and I just may tell you different..

Not much else happened worth telling. Hopefully next month will be more eventful. Since school is out we have more time to play. :)

Love you all and hope you are having a fantastic week!


  1. Janessa,
    I'm so excited you are blogging.. I love being able to keep in contact. I have one too.. basically just a journal of me and the kids but it's been fun... Here's the address

    Congratulations to you both!! I wish you the best

  2. GET OUT! Janessa... it's ME.. Robin aka.. Sis. Shipley!
    Hoorah.. you have a BLOG! That is so COOL!
    I LOVE THIS! I can't wait for the festivities to begin..
    Scott gets his MISSION CALL... TOMORROW OR FRIDAY!!!!

  3. Blogging is an amazing thing. Glad to know you are in the cool kid's blog club. I'm so happy for you guys. And it sounds like life is just all good for you right now! So great! Love you, and have a wonderful next couple months of singleness - and then an even better decades of marriage!