Did I really just say that?

So there have been a few times that I have been really out of it and said something that has given James a pretty good laugh. James wanted to make them into a comic strip and call it "Sleeping with Jenessa". I am not sure if that will ever happen but I thought I would share some of them with you...

Somewhere around 1:00 AM
Ness: (suddenly sits straight up in bed) James! I know why your back hurts!
James: (noises that indicate he is waking up) What?
Ness: I know why your back hurts. We need to flip the mattress!
James: What?
Ness: (lying back down slowly) We um need to um flip the mattress....
James: Ness? Ness?
Ness: (breathing/ snoring soundly)

James didn't really like that one, it was funny but he said it took him forever to fall back to sleep.

8:00 PM--Doing homework
(Both James and Ness working on homework on the computer)
Ness: (Error screen pops up on computer that says "Connection Interrupted) James, you connected my interruption!
James: Haha, what? (smiling like he has a secret)
Ness: Oh wait, did I just say that backwards?
James: Ya....but I will connect your interruption anytime honey.

Same day but earlier
Ness: (talking to friends) You should text her and see if she has a brothered name David!
Ness: Oh my, did I really just say that? I meant, a brother named David....

I think I have dyslexia of the mouth.....

Ok last one for now....

3:00 AM
Ness: (awakened suddenly) James! Do you smell that?
James: (again noises that indicate he has been woken up) Smell what?
Ness: There is something cooking in the oven.
James: (Thinking, who would be cooking at this hour?!) Nothing is cooking Ness.
Ness: No James, really there is something in the oven. It smells familiar....
James: (noises that he heard me but he's not really wanting to stay awake)
Ness: It smells like chicken! Like chicken nuggets!
James: Are you serious?..... Ness?....
Ness: (Snoring/breathing steadily)
James: seriously?...

I hope this doesn't happen too often! ......Enjoy <3


  1. That is seriously so hilarious. Dave used to do stuff like that all the time in his sleep. Nothing funnier.

  2. I think that runs in the family. Soon he won't even wake to your silly sayings. I found your blog from FB. You look so happy!