my yummy birthday restaurant :)

so i am finally 20!
no longer a teenager...and james did awesome at making this weekend a wonderful birthday weekend. i felt like i had a birth-3-days instead of just a birthday.
friday night he took me a beautiful restaurant called Luna Bella then we went to cold stone for some yummy ice cream (cake batter ice cream with crunch bar and crunched inside to make it really crunchy)
then on saturday james invited over some awesome friends and surprised me with a fun party!
sunday we had a bbq with some really good friends and got to catch up on being young and having fun.
Monday was the big day and pretty much i worked all day and then went to see the awesome movie inception at night.

the very good and cute cake that the office shared with me at work on monday :) thanks ladies!
so stinkin delicious! and so pretty too!
I had a wonderful birthday and i love that i got to spend so much time with my baby james :)
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