Hello Glendale

We are officially all moved into our new apartment in Glendale. We have been to our new ward, driven around a little bit, felt the heat of Phoenix (got a nasty sunburn), and I think we have concluded that we like it here! I don't think we really doubted that we would enjoy ourselves but our current feelings are that we wouldn't mind if we lived here. --especially living in a nice, big apartment that are currently living in.

James really likes his internship. I really like being at home with no job. I am still in school- I currently have 3 classes and I will start a fourth one here in a couple weeks. But I am also getting caught up on the things that have been on my to do list for the past 3 years:

**T-shirt quilt
**Wedding Scrap book
**Working out like hard core!


So far so good. I have like a million shirts! And this is probably going to take me a little while to actually finish but I am really excited for the end result. I have a good start going, I haven't started actually sewing yet and I am pretty sure that's going to the be the hardest part for me....so we'll see how that goes. 


I haven't actually been a huge scrapbooker in the past, all I have really ever done is James' Love Day book (a book that I update every year for Valentine's day with pictures and letters saying how much and why I have fallen more in love with him each year....I think it's pretty cute :) ) 
So since this is new for me, I am going to do my best to actually finish it. I have a good start- I have our engagements page done and a I have a page all about my dress cuz, I really liked my dress. I will probably have to do that with my cake too cuz I liked my cake almost more than my dress! 


I really enjoy keeping a journal and I want this blog to be something that my kids can go back and read through and really get a good picture about how our life is and the things that we enjoy/don't enjoy and the stuff we do. Anyway, the goal is to take more pictures and keep a better update on things. 

Work Out Hard Core

I started P90X! Holy Hard!!!! It was intense but I finished and then I threw up. Literally. It was gross. But it also felt good to work so hard. And now my legs are mad a me but I am still happy! And it's a feeling that I want to keep up-- legs not throw up.

So that's my summer to do list and I fully intend to keep going and keep you updated :)

Until next time <3

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