I am here. I am alive. Life has once again gotten busy. Remember my last post with all those good things to do this summer:
lose weight
scrap booking
save money


It is now July. Really?! Who in the world said that summer was allowed to go by so quickly and didn't ask me about it first?? Well who ever it was, I am angry with them.

Lose weight: well I have actually lost about 8 pounds total. It should be so much more. Starting tomorrow I am going to make it so much more. I only have a few weeks before I go on my vacation that will include a lot of time in a bathing suit and being on camera. I will lose that weight! (Stupid ice cream :P)

Quilt: Well I have about half the t-shirts cut out. This project will have to wait another year probably before I get to start on it again. I think my time is up for this summer on that project. It's ok though. It has been fun and I have actually learned a lot.

Scrap booking: I did about 4 pages. I will continue that throughout the year.

Save money: Unfortunately this has not been the best thing. We have had a lot of expenses come up that we weren't really factoring into our original equation. By the end of this month though, we should have a pretty good amount saved though. And school we starting again, which means time to hit the books and I will no longer know what the inside of a store looks like which will in turn make it so we don't spend as much.
In regards to saving money, I have a few things I want to try this summer that I think will cut down on our
spending by a lot! First, I think our biggest problem is not planning out our meals for the month.
I am in no way, shape or form, a very good cook and because of that I don't like to cook and even further
than that, I don't plan the meals out. So on average we go to the store one a week. This is not good for our pocket book, especially since we don't buy things with physical cash, we use a debit card and we don't 
really budget for the things that we need to buy. 
Plan: I am going to plan bi-weekly meals. (according to the reading I have done, you should start small...) So plan meals for two weeks, go shopping for those meals that you plan for (include breakfast and lunch too) and then I am going to come home and make all the meals. I am going to make freezer meals and that way, I can get all of my unwanted, disliking cooking done in one day and be done for next two weeks. Surprisingly I am actually pretty exciting about this. It will be nice to have some good organization and structure to our crazy lives. This will also cut down on our caloric intake, our fast food intake, and our desire to snack. I am also going to try to make our own bread. James and I really like sandwiches on good bread and because the store bought bread costs a lot, this usually tends to be more of a luxury food than something that could be eaten daily. So I am going to start making my own bread and freezing it. 
Guys...I think I am going domestic?! This is kind of a scary thought! :) 

Ok. That's my thought processing of tonight. I am excited about trying to be a better wife and make our lives better :) 

Until next time! 

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