Julie and Julia- My new favorite

Much to James' dismay, he walked in to our room on Friday night to me watching an chick flick, the sort of movie that he would probably sleep pretty well through. For me though- I was browsing Netflix and found this movie. It looked like a normal love story and I had heard of it before, but hadn't heard anything about it. To my surprise, two minutes into the movie and i was hooked! i was going to really love this movie.

if you have never heard of this movie before, i suggest you go watch it because it is amazing. well let me rephrase that- if you are anything like me, or you like to watch movies that make you want to get up and be something/ do something huge, then you will like this movie. added bonus: if you are a netflix account holder, you can watch this movie on instant play! 

anyway- this movie made me want to be more organized with my life- to have things in order so that i have the ability to just try new things and go on new adventures. 
some things that i would like to start doing:
-train with a group of friends to run a 5K (i am actually going to start this a week from tomorrow if anyone is interested in joining the team to train)
-make some cool Christmas presents for my young women, my young women leader friends, my parents, james' parents, and james' sister. and i mean like actually make something that's really cool and something that they will each love and use. 
-i think i would actually like to start cooking. but not just any cooking, i want to learn how to be a provident living cook. so that would mean that i would make freezer meals so that we have something to just thaw out when we need something quick and easy, i want to learn how to can fruit so i can add to my food storage, i want to be able to save us some money by the way i cook....
-i want to devote more time to being a good young women leader. 
-i want to start and finish my wedding scrap book

so here it goes- yesterday i started with organizing. i made my own little (and i mean really little) lab-or-i-tory for all of my little knicks and knacks. i cleaned out all my closets actually and threw away everything and i am not using and that is not necessary to my everyday living. it feels great! 
next step- finish the 5K training plan and send it out to all friends. i am super excited about that one :) 

til next time!


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  1. Hey girly!!! Loved seeing your blog! You look like you are having fun!!! Glad you are my new blog friend!! Love you!