Life's Measurable Accomplishments

Tonight we went to my parents home to have a family dinner and family night. We had yummy waffles and sausage and eggs and bacon for dinner and then after. I think having breakfast for dinner is something that I will always remember as a favorite past-time. Hopefully it will be something that I continue to make special with my future family- I think James is still having to get used to that idea though. He is more of a good roast and potatoes for Sunday dinner type man. (I am totally fine with this though, because he makes an awesome roast, if I do say so myself).

After everything was cleaned up we sat around on my parents new couch and just talked. It has been awhile since we have done this because of the crazy lives we lead. It has been especially crazy lately because my parents are re-doing their home. New carpet, new floors, new walls, less walls, new doors, less doors, and more- that's for a different day though. 
James and his amazing techy sense set up my dad's computer to the TV and we were able to watch some different Mormon Messages and talk about how blessed we are to be members of a true church and to be a forever family. 
My dad also talked about some of the training that Elder Christopherson gave when he was here a couple weeks ago. What stuck out the most to me was "Life is not just about activities. Change the "just activities" to Life's Measurable Accomplishments.
we went around the room and said one thing that we could work on individually to make our accomplishments more measurable. It was good to here that we are all working together to be better people. It was good to hear that I have a support system near to me and who love me. 
Goal for the week: to make the things that I do more measurably accomplished. 

hope everyone have an awesome sunday and has a fantastic week. next time: i will fill you in on the great learning adventures of the mertz camping weekend. :)

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