Personal Progress ONLINE!!!!! :)

I am so excited!!!!
The new interactive personal progress website has finally started!
This is a very user friendly website and very fun to work with. Thank goodness there are techy people in the church headquarters who realize how helpful this is now going to be for Young Women leaders.

So the website, if you would like to start working on it or would just like to check it out:
In order to begin working with the interactive part, you have to create an LDS username and password.
I am going to be starting my own personal progress again so keep checking the personal progress page for updates on how things are going or if I find any cool new ideas.
Young Women in Excellence in coming up VERY soon. I will be posting exactly what we are going to be doing soon. I am so excited for this year and it feels awesome to be planning something again.

Another fun thing that is available for help with missionary work:
As a member of the church you can make a personalized profile where you are able create your own place for your non-member friends and acquaintances to go and see what your religion is all about. If you are a non-member, visit the site, or stay tuned for my personalized page for you to check out.

I hope everyone enjoyed and feels blessed from the wonderful General Conference that we just experienced. I know that I feel more committed to be a better person and do what I can to be a better example and member of this church.

Pictures and updates of what's going on with our lives to follow :)
-Love always

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