Dear sweet Crayola

My dear Car Crayola,
How sweet you have been to me these past 5 years. How reliable and fun you have been to me. How handi you have come. How many memories you hold.
My dear Crayola, the time has come that you must now pass....I have put many band aides on you and even some complete replacements, a few enhancements, and sadly a lot of my dad's money. (Thanks dad!)
You have taught me a ton and helped through some pretty tight spots. I will always remember you as my first car. The car that I learned to drive stick shift with. The car the people looked at me funny when I told them you took Diesel. The car that no one could ever start. The car that went fast. The car that I will always remember....And don't worry, you can never be replaced.
Sadly, you broke on me. You gave it your all until you could not go anymore. You tried to make it a safe spot but half way through the turn the smoke and brokeness got in the way. I know you wanted to keep going, I could hear you still trying, and thankfully no one ran into me when you had to pushed off the road.
I hope you will always remember me Crayola. I hope you maybe find a new owner to take car of you and love you like I did. I hope you can take car of someone like you took car of me.
I hope I find a good, new car, just like you.
Good bye Crayola.....


  1. What a nice tribute. Good luck finding your replacement!

  2. First cars are so special, mine was named Sally. She was blue. Good Luck on finding a new one.