Happy February

So a long time ago I had this theory that I hated Valentine’s Day. Like seriously, I loathed the holiday and I was determined the no one was ever going to change my mind because the hate ran that deeply in my soul.
Well I am here to say that my heart has been softened a little bit by my best friend James. See the thing is, I kind of feel in love with this best friend and now I feel happy to have whole day where I can tell him and show him and do funny totally girlie things to show him that I have a corny side too and I really don’t mind showing it off to others if it is telling them that he has a wife that just can’t get enough of him.
In conclusion- this post is to declare happy loving! If you have a man show him that you care and totally go crazy with valentine’s day. be corny, be cuddly, be cute, by a new outfit, get a few more candles, buy some yummy lotion, put on some lipstick and make the day all about him.
I personally have this book that I like to add to that is filled with coupons and letters to him (that I will never let my mom read, type of letters-sorry mom nothing against you) and places for pictures. The purpose of this book is for not only James to let him know how much I love him. But for my future generations. I don’t ever want anyone to ever question how much I love James and how much he means to me. I want our memories to be written down and shared.
So friends, happy loving! If you have a fun idea for valentine’s that is appropriate to share Winking smile leave a note, I would love to hear!

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