I have become a little crafty

It has been a way long time since I have posted and I feel terribly bad. Life has gotten extremely busy and I don’t know where exactly time has gone. I can’t believe that it is the middle of March. I am counting down the days til the end of this semester so I can be finished with my associates and move on to the stage on life.

James is doing very well in school and is enjoying all of his classes. It is so fun to see him learning so much and understanding things that I could only dream of understanding. He works so hard all the time in school, the two jobs that he has, and with his side business of PC Repair. On top of all of that, he is always a good husband to me Smile  He plans to graduate in December of 2012! That makes me so excited! I can’t believe it is only 1.5 years away! Closer than we have ever been before!

My schooling is going well. I having officially applied to the NAU nursing program so I am now just waiting to hear back on their decision. If I get in, I will start in the Fall and it will be a 5 semester program. I am going to work full time this semester too…oh the joys of having to pay a car payment and all of the other bills….

We haven’t really had a whole lot of relaxation time this semester, but we have gotten away a couple times. We went to Phoenix with a two of our couple friends and went four wheeling and shooting. That was an awesome weekend! It’s great to have friends with connections to fun toys! Another weekend we went to Phoenix and stayed in a fancy hotel (thank goodness for Priceline!) and went to a Boyce Avenue concert- James’ favorite band. It was probably one of the more entertaining concerts that I have been to. They were very good at getting the audience involved and because it was in a smaller venue, it was easy to hear and see.  We have also been able to get together with friends on multiple occasions for parties and just to hang out which is always a good break.

One of the things I like to do in my spare time is blog stalk. I love seeing all of the things that people create and make and how cute everything is. Well for Christmas I got a sewing machine and I decided that I needed to make a few things around my home. I decided I needed to be a little crafty. So I have done two things so far for  my home in the sewing department, painted something, made some pictures for my wall, and sewed a hat with my friend Loni’s help.

The things that I sewed for my home are two pillows, soon to be 4 because I needed new couch pillows. The ones that I had before didn’t really match the scheme of my family room so I needed something different. So I found some cheap drapes from Walmart and decided to make new pillows. James wouldn’t let me just buy some because he said that they are a waste of money cuz they just get thrown around anyway…..this is conversation that we choose not to have lol. 

Next sewing project will be to finish the other two pillows and also add fabric to my drapes so that they actually touch the floor. These projects are very easy sewing things and completely beginner. The hat that Loni helped me sew was so not as beginner but it was way fun to learn! And I am very proud of the final outcome.  I look forward to making more fun things like the hat and the pillows….maybe someday my sewing lines will become straight….

The pictures that I made just say “HOME” and they are now on a vacant wall that will soon be  painted and need more décor on it. These were super each and cheap- I got a package of frames from Walmart for $12 and a booklet of paper for $5. Then I used my sister’s Criket to cut out the letters and tada! The pictures are finished. Soon there will be the accompanying words “FAMILY”, “LOVE”, and “FOREVER” on there…or something to that effect…it’s a work in progress. And hopefully I will be able to finish!

I have tons of plans for other things to do and I can’t wait until I get a good moment to do everything. There have been many times that I  have told James I am going to quit everything and just stay home to play with arts and crafts…he never really says yes or no, just kind of laughs.

that’s pretty much all for now—I will post lots of pictures later…I have to wait til I upload them on a different computer cuz my computer sd card drive is broken Sad smile and in order to fix it I would need a whole new computer inside thing (no idea what it is, that’s James’ job).

Til next time!


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