We relocated…again!

Because of a lot of drama and gross mistakes we had to relocate to a new apartment.

I was joking with my friend one night that I had made it a goal to move every year that I am married. I told James this story and he VERY strongly disagreed. He hates moving! And after this time, we both really hate moving. It seemed like one wrong thing after another happened.

Yes our place is cute but not exactly in place that I would have liked. We had to sell one of our beds, one of our couches and give back the jetta to my parents. On moving day I sprained my ankle within 10 minutes of loading up the truck. Oh and the night we moved in, my parents were helping and just happened to be parked in the wrong lane outside our apartment and when we walked out- well what do you know, the cards were gone! Both of my parents cars were towed and 500 shiny green ones later, we finally got them back. And top the whole thing off! Our apartment smells like SMOKE!

**if anyone who reads this smokes or does anything like it, please stop. among lots of other things, it really makes my clothes stink and my husband’s head hurt**

Ok that’s the story with relocating. Don’t worry- I am completely {in}sane and totally coming to grips with everything that has taken place. Regardless of the hardships that seemed to be lined up at my door I feel so blessed to have clothes in my closet, food in my fridge, a car to drive me to work where I can earn and save, and I have cute pictures on my wall so I don’t have to stare at ugly white going to bed and waking up. Oh and I have a good sweet husband who lends me his shoulder every once in a teary moon.

I am happy and I am excited to start this upcoming school year and to be in a new place. I think it’s a great adventure and as long as I have my dear James, I will be totally fine Smile


ps—I used the font “elephant” for this post because I felt like I had a huge hunk of stuff to get off my chest. (ya I know, pretty corny- but you liked it Winking smile)

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