Summer 2012~ Another diet journal

Day 1
May 16

Well long time no see! Since school decides to take over my life completely I have completely neglected the blogging world. This is a very sad thing because 1) I miss the "journal" aspect of this game 2) it is going to take a TON of time to catch up. But that's ok. I think I will actually have time this summer to catch up.

First things first. We are alive and well and living in Tucson still. BUT not for long! We are moving to Phoenix in T-minus 8 days. How many boxes to I have left? That would be a BIG FAT ZERO haha. I think I may have won the crown for procrastination.
James got an internship with Performance Software for Systems Engineering and we gladly accepted the offer. But we had a choice this summer! He got a call from NASA, Performance Software, a traffic company in San Diego, and a second interview with Microsoft (he obviously didn't get that one). We took PS because it just felt like the right thing for us to do. The others would have been great opportunities but this one just seemed to fit just right. I could go on about this for quite some time but I will save that for another day.
So we are excited and it is going to be a very fun change for the summer!

Secondly- also for another more detailed post another day, but to make it short, I am the camp director for our ward's Girls Camp. SO excited but totally and completely a new world for me. I will post pictures and all that fun stuff another time.

Lastly- I am going to get back into shape this summer! Hence the post title. You will have the honor of hearing all about my food woes and the things that I eat on a daily basis haha. Not that you care much, but I am doing this because I feel like I may just be a little more accountable about what I am doing if I have all of cyber space to face.
So here is day 1.
Today I currently weigh 170 lbs. (did I really just post that?!) ((like I said, accountable for my actions right?)
Here  is what I can eat today:
1200 calories
165 carbs
40 fats
45 protein

I am using http://www.myfitnesspal.com/ as a tool to track what I eat and how many calories and such I have left. Again another accountability tool.

The goals of this diet:
Obviously lose weight.
Be in shape
---->I want to be able to run in these: http://thecolorrun.com/arizona/ ; http://www.scottsdaleaz.gov/mightymudmaniahttp://5kfoamfest.com/index.php ( I won't make this one this year, maybe next, but doesn't it sound fun?!)
Fit into my clothes again
Have a healthy life style to......have a baby :)
------->no not preggo yet, but I want to be and doc says I can't until I get skinny again to get my hormones back in balance and make this body perfect for caring a future Mertzling.

So that's my story. Here's to a new summer and for a school year over. One left to go and one hot skinny bod to go with it :)


  1. Not that I'm an expert...but I'm trying the dieting thing myself and I have yoyoed a couple of times because of eating too little. I'm pretty sure that is too little calories. This lady has workouts/weight loss tips that agree w/ myplate website (except right now I can't find my way around the website since they changed it). http://www.momsintofitness.com/weight-loss-calculator Anyhow, you can also go back to her main page and get her free workouts. Totally recommend them. They are tough and it's her website is for those who are, or are going to be,moms. She has some good, sound weight loss tips. Good luck!

  2. Ness, I was looking at those runs cuz i thought, I should train so that I could do it with her! but I think the mud one is only for kids? haha maybe we are short enough that we could pass?! ;)

    Good luck on the diet thing.