Would you Rather??

So here are some funny videos of both me and James. I think I got the rotten end of the deal, but either way we both have fun :)

Other summer adventures before we have to say goodbye to our sweet summertime and begin the awesome life of "in school" mode.
My dear friend Cortney played with me a lot this summer...I was sad to see her leave. But good luck Cort and have tons of fun at BYU this semester. I'll be happy when you come home again though :) (ps- so not an attractive picture of me...)

I went to Willcox with James and Becky to see the place where they grew up and also to meet their grandpa. It was a very fun trip and I had some amazing root beer!

Megan and Paige also came to visit this summer. Two girls that I love and I am so glad that I got to see them and they were able to be apart of my wedding this summer.

Hopefully the next post will have pictures of our apartment. It's been fun to get it all organized and all prettied up.. but I'm not going to lie, this whole being and adult thing takes a whole lotta energy!

Well that's it for tonight :)
-til next time...

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