Coke and Mintoes

So I should be doing homework right now but I had to share this-
James and I were talking about what we are going to do about our car situation tomorrow. I asked him I was going to get to class at 1pm while he is working and he has the car.
He thinks for a minute (or maybe he was sleeping) and then he replies, " The answer is simple. Here's what you do. You take a couple of bottle of Coke and some Mintoes and you stand by the side of the road with the Coke bottles lined up just so. Then you put the Mintoes inside of the Coke bottles and a bunch of Coke will go everywhere and someone will feel sorry enough for you to offer to give you a ride. The plan is seriously flawless."
I sat there and all I could do was say, Oh goodness.....

I think I may have a very sleep deprived husband on my hands.. BUT he did clean the entire messy home while I was gone at the Relief Society Christmas Program. I guess he really does see what I need done. :)

Finals week! Here we come! You shall be conquered!

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